Title: Neils Cotter: Empowering Students from Impacted High Schools to Become Entrepreneurs

Neils Cotter, a passionate entrepreneur and volunteer teacher, has been instrumental in transforming the lives of students from Dorsey High School in South Los Angeles. Through his dedicated efforts, Cotter has helped these students turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality, empowering them to become successful business owners.

As the founder of the Dorsey Green Foundation, Cotter teaches an entrepreneurship class at Dorsey High School, imparting vital business skills to a cohort of around 30 students. What began as a mere class project soon evolved into a full-blown business venture, thanks to Cotter’s guidance and mentorship.

With the assistance of volunteer instructor Mel Nicola, executive director of Culinary Arts Kids Eat (C.A.K.E), the students conceptualized and refined their signature product, the Dorsey Green Sauce. After extensive testing and tweaking, they discovered the perfect blend of ingredients, which includes Cotter’s own avocado farm.

Initially, the sauce was sold locally in LA County, but thanks to Cotter’s networking skills, the students quickly scaled their business to cater to a national market. They now ship thousands of bottles of Dorsey Green Sauce across the country, both online and through in-person sales.

Cotter’s commitment to supporting the students extends beyond the classroom. He collaborated with marketing agency Deutsch LA, who provided branding mentorship and creative direction. Thanks to their expertise, the students developed an impactful design for their sauce bottles, catching the attention of consumers nationwide.

Additionally, Cotter enlisted the support of Zazzle, an online merchandise platform, to create unique Dorsey Green Sauce merchandise such as hats and skateboards. With these partnerships in place, the students have gained invaluable exposure and built a strong brand presence.

The impact of Cotter’s efforts cannot be overstated. For students like Juan Morales and Aniya Brown, launching Dorsey Green Sauce has been a life-changing experience. The majority of the students at Dorsey High School come from low-income backgrounds or challenging circumstances, making Cotter’s support all the more crucial. By instilling in them the belief that they can succeed as entrepreneurs, Cotter is opening doors of opportunity for these young individuals.

Through their success with Dorsey Green Sauce, the students are not only generating revenue for themselves but also supporting the School’s culinary and business programs. Cotter’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and empowering young minds serves as an inspiration to educators and business leaders alike.

In conclusion, Neils Cotter’s commitment to student entrepreneurship has transformed the lives of students from Dorsey High School. Through his guidance and support, these students have become successful entrepreneurs, turning a class project into a thriving business. Cotter’s passion for empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs is truly commendable, and his impact will be felt for years to come.