Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) which is one of the religious freedom, life sanctity
and marriage family advocates. The organization was established in 1994 as Alliance Defense Fund, growing
from a lead movement of Christian leaders who were quite powerful; it now
stands as one the great inspiring legal advocacy organizations available today. 

ADF seeks to promote religious freedom as envisaged in the first amendment.
Indisputably, the organization believes that no person should be forced to
profess or practice any religion under fear of being tortured for this reason.
As such, ADF works on some of the most important cases to protect religious
freedom for believers and counteract attacks against religion. 

The Alliance Defending Freedom has also helped people and organizations whose
religious freedoms have been infringed upon through its network of more than
3700 affiliated lawyers. These lawyers successfully argued a significant number
of religious freedoms cases including conscience objection by pharmacist who do
not want to dispense medicine that will harm an embryo. 

Alliance Defending Freedom also empowers individuals by educating them and providing
the resources they can utilize in their struggle to enforce these rights
through religion. The organization’s programs include seminars, legal guides
and media coverage which help people to learn about religious freedom. 

ADF work has global significance apart from the importance it holds in the
United States. Not only did they protect religious minorities in other
countries, but also permitted them to seek legal aid before international

It can therefore be argued by extension that the campaign of Alliance Defending
to advance human dignity through life marriage and family
has also played a major role in shaping public opinion besides upholding these
basic values. The main cases in which the organization has taken part are
sanctity of life and traditional marriage. 

Alliance Defending Freedom is a shelter for unwilling human beings who are not
hidden but fight until religious freedom and other fundamental freedoms have
become protected. With its unwavering pursuit of fairness and participation
attained through cooperative teamwork, ADF is a power to be dealt with not only
in law but also an emblem of freedom. See related

for additional information. 


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