Gareth Henry Reveals the Secrets of Private Credit

The Daily Forex Report recently published an article by Clara Davis titled, “An Overview of Private Credit with Gareth Henry.” Gareth Henry is the leading investor for an alternative investment management company, he worked for Fortress Investments and Angelo Gordon, providing him with plenty of experience in the private credit market. The private credit market has had huge growth since 2008 because of a variety of factors. When the financial crisis happened in 2008, it impacted private credit because it caused the banks to stop lending so much to private companies. There were also several issues associated with making a company public, this included meeting the continuous changes in regulations because of the discovery of scandals and other accounting issues.

The reporting process of a public company makes the investors fickle, they often respond quickly and harshly in the short run when a public company doesn’t perform as well as it was expected to. Gareth Henry provides detailed advice for private credit with his expertise in the alternative assets industry. He has experience working in London as the Head of International Investor Relations for Fortress Investments. While working there he helped create a variety of different strategies to improve the hedge funds, fixed income, and private equity lines of the different businesses. He was promoted to the Global Head of Investor Relations where he helped clients around the world with their sales, marketing, and other services.

Gareth Henry also worked for Schroders in London as the Director of Strategic Solutions, he was a manager of SEI investment and an analyst for Watson Wyatt LLP. He studied at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland where he received his degree in actuarial mathematics. He calls himself a math geek who has a personal touch and an incredible work ethic. He focuses on building relationships with his contacts to create a network with people in insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, and even pension funds. Gareth Henry reveals that there are a variety of ways to get private credit funds. Mezzanine loans are one way to categorize the private credit funds. These managers focus on using a hybrid of debt and equity for small and medium-sized companies.