Krishen Iyer: The Founder of Managed Benefits Services

Krishen Iyer is a San Diego State University graduate and the founder of Managed Benefits Services. The company is mainly focused on guiding the marketing efforts of dental and health insurance companies. Managed Benefits Services was previously known as Quick Link and is based out of both Fresno and Southern California. He’s an avid philanthropist and has been a part of Haiti relief efforts and he frequently helps clean up his local area.


Krishen Iyer got the idea for his company by noticing that there was a severe lack of services that helped insurance companies with their marketing. He took it upon himself to create the service on his own. This lead to the creation of Quick Link Marketing and he eventually renamed the company Managed Benefits Services.


Iyer describes his daily routine as being highly oriented towards productivity and the ability to help his clients. To do this, he usually undertakes any tasks involved with client interfacing in the early morning hours. Then, he spends the rest of his time focusing on the individual needs of his clients.


Krishen sees himself as a very curious individual and he values communication greatly. These two traits help him find success because he is constantly asking questions and learning as much about other people as possible. He credits this for giving him insight into how different people have drastically different perceptions which can all benefit a project in different ways.


Krishen Iyer has a very positive outlook on his past and he says that he doesn’t regret anything. He does occasionally reflect on his past decisions to help him grow, but he doesn’t regret making any of his past decisions. He also says that he’s never considered a job to have been a bad one. No matter what he’s done, he’s learned from it and applied what he learned to endeavors he’s taken later on.