Healthcare Investor And Philanthropist, Jacob Gottlieb

Although Jacob Gottlieb has been investing and working hard since he was just a teenager, he is still going to focus on a new enterprise just two years after his last one closed down. Jacob Gottlieb is the founder of the former vision Asset Management, which has now been closed down. Currently, Jacob has taken up a new idea for a company and he has named it Altium Capital. Although insider trading allegations brought his former company to a close, Jacob is not letting that dissuade him from his new company, though he is being more careful about his management. SO far, Altium is a small firm with just a handful of people working to manage funds.

Altium is marking their launch with some first-hand investments into the healthcare industry. Following these initial investments, Jacob plans to build an extensive portfolio to grow his business at an accelerated rate. First on the list of healthcare companies is Oramed Pharmaceuticals, which is a Jerusalem based biotech company. The second addition to Altium’s portfolio is Sella Life Sciences, which is another pharmaceutical organization that is research new treatments for cancer patients. The last two projects that Jacob is bringing to Altium is Amarin and Oragenics, both of which are dedicated to more therapeutic approaches to their treatments in the biotech industry.

While Jacob is currently waiting the course for his former company to be liquidated, he is making his plans for Altium and staying an active philanthropist for his community. Many organizations can thank Jacob for his time and money to go towards there cause to make the state of New York and beyond a better place. Some of the organizations Jacob currently works with include Robin Hood, Covenant House, Math for America, and the Windward School. Jacob has even donated to help improve animal shelters throughout New York City.

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