Fortress Investment Group Acquired by Softbank Group Corp

Fortress Investment Group is an internationally recognized investment firm that joined the investment industry in 1998. Over the years, its popularity has earned its over 1,750 clients who are spread in various countries. Among them, institutional investors as well as individual investors. The company has hired well-experienced associates who are also experts in various areas of investment strategies. The company’s 209 investment professionals serve all the clients with the goal of earning strong returns for their investment. Fortress Investment Group main office is in New York and its regional offices are in different parts of the world.

The recent news about Fortress Investment Group is its acquisition. It was sold to Softbank Group Corp nearing the end of 2017in an all-cash deal of $3.3billion. The acquisition was part of the Softbank SoftBank’s strategy to enter the investment market. It has been the leading financier of technology in the world by supporting revolutionary technologies such as robotics. Entering into the world of investment is a natural fit for this company, which has also established its mark in the telecommunication industry. Visit to learn more about Fortress Investment Group.

Looking at the histories if the Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank, both have been on the lookout for opportunities to rebrand their businesses. For years, Fortress Investment Group was open to changes that could increase its level of competitiveness in the industry. On the other hand, Soft Bank has not been shy in acquiring interests in e-commerce, technology, telecommunication among other sectors. Therefore, the deal is an opportunity for the two companies to achieve more growth. After the acquisition, the investment firm delisted as a public company and made history as the first of its kind to change from a publically traded investment company to a private investment firm.

SoftBank agreed to Fortress terms that it will not try controlling some of its assets. This is because the investment company can only continue to succeed if it is offered the freedom of deciding its path, the way it has been doing before. It is an arrangement that allows Fortress Investment to pursue the investment avenues fit sees fit. Unlike other acquisitions, in this one, the seller set the terms.