Genucel Skincare Tips

For billions of years, people of all walks of life have been searching for the perfect skincare product. A lot of people spent their whole lives searching, some failing while others got closer and closer to the perfect skincare serum. Other people just thought that aging and wrinkles are just a part of life and we should accept it. Little did they know that there are modern treatments in the future that are not only effective and safe but natural as well. What kind of skincare product are we talking about?


We all know that we can’t run away from aging but we can help ourselves age gracefully. One company by the name of Genucel created a safe, natural anti-aging technology that has the goal of helping people of all genders keep their skin as young and youthful looking as possible.


Genucel is a skincare product that uses a variety of plant stem cell therapies, made with Chamonix that was foundered by Pharmacist George Faltaous first. One notable thing to say about the founder is while every skincare company was looking for man-made, chemical-based ingredients for their products he looked to nature and did everything in his power to make his products plant-based. Here’s why:


Nature is pure and grows from within the earth and it’s been around much longer than Moreno day science. People before us, the Egyptians, the Mayans, and the Incas have all used herbs and plants for their soaps, toothpaste and mouthwash so why do we now use deadly, man-made chemicals instead of nature?


Sometimes lab developed serums and creams have painful side effects. It’s been found that a lot of skincare and makeup products hold dangerous chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, heart problems and even burns the skin. Sometimes other chemicals don’t work well with others and cause health problems that hit years later after using the same products constantly.

By cutting out lab-based chemicals and staying nature-based, Genucel solutions will avoid a lot of these problems. They instead have ingredients such as grape seed oil, Calendula flower extract, and Vitamins E and A. They also have Ester-C that help relieves the effects the lab chemicals.


While the people before us may have had the foundation of aging creams, it took the technological discovery such as Chamonix and skin brush systems to truly make a great product. Do you use Genucel’s skincare system? What’s your favorite skincare ingredient? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to like us!