Isabel dos Santos: Independent, Wealthy, and Charitable

Being the oldest daughter of the former Angolan president Jose dos Santos, has afforded Isabel dos Santos many opportunities that other females in her home country are not normally offered. It is widely known, that while her father was president that he passed along stocks and high stakes in many different companies including banks and telecom companies. Along these shares being passed and transferred to her, Isabel dos Santos continued to build her wealth by adding on shares of Portugese companies. All of her investment interests, has led her to be known as an independent business woman and a private investor.


Along with being known as one of the wealthiest women in the world, Isabel dos Santos is also known for her charitable contributions. Santos feels very strongly that in order to improve society that those who can give back, should give back. Giving back to the less fortunate in society around her is a motto that her company is built upon. The company currently or has in the past supported a children’s pediatric hospital; financed and ran a campaign to fight and prevent Malaria; and helped fund a Christmas telethon that combines her company’s efforts with the works of other corporations, to better support community needs. The primary initiatives that Isabel dos Santos

chooses to help support, are those that are built around helping meet the needs of children, improving healthcare, and giving more individuals access to an education.


It is surprising to some, to find out that Isabel dos Santos is so incredibly wealthy and self-sufficient being that she is a black female, but she credits her father for her strong will and independence. It is widely known by her peers, that her parents were very insistent that she focus on obtaining a strong educational background and luckily the husband of Isabel dos Santos has continued to support her personal success. With support from childhood until now, it is no surprise that Isabel dos Santos continues to dominate as a wealthy female and that wealth allows her to give back to her community.