Ethics of Rocketship Education

When it comes to high-performing schools, most would refrain from looking into low-income areas. This is not a practice in which Rocketship Education decided to obtain. Established in 2006, The educational institution set out to establish a strong foundation with the K-5 kids of San Jose California. By the year 2012, Rocketship’s student following had grown to an astounding 450 kids, located throughout the five schools in which they operated.

According to Christina Quattrocchi, (2016), Rocketship’s CEO, Preston Smith, pointed out three critical factors for upcoming educators. These factors included topics such as class management,time management, and educational qualification of staff members. When it comes to classroom management, the Educators at rocket ships institutions uphold clear and concise classroom rules. This practice is to help efficiency, having rules in which helps regulate things such as rest breaks, snack times, or even bathroom breaks, gives the K5 classrooms structure. This structure maximizes the time that students have to learn the curriculum being conveyed. In the long run, this structure will prepare the students for real-life scenarios. Distribution of time management does not simply apply to classroom regulations. This practice also carries over to the curriculum itself. For example, there are five different technology programs that students will become familiar with while studying at Rocketship’s Institutions. This includes but may not be limited to programs such as Lexia, ST Math, MyOn, and DreamBox. Expatiating on the value of time management, Smith concluded that each program was given an adequate amount of time for students to gain a critical understanding of its operations. The last factor that was pointed out, brought attention to the qualifications of the educators. With the number of students outweighing certified teachers, should certification overshadow the needs of the students? Rocketship institutions, as well as many other institutions, believe that each teacher whether they are certified or not has something to offer the students.

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