Prison Communication

Securus Technologies: Helping Safeguard The Public Through Inmate Monitoring

Securus Technologies is a company that has stood out in the field of prison communications since the company first came into existence. Currently, the company is one of the largest inmate communications providers in the entire country. Securus Technologies offers services in voice and video communication to inmates in prisons around the country. In addition, they also assist judiciary by providing them with patient monitoring services so that they can track all the communication that goes on between the prisons and the outside world. Currently, the company is being headed by Rick Smith, who heads the company from his position of chief executive officer.


Inmate monitoring has been an of a huge help to prisons all over the country. In the past, the prisons could not monitor all the communication that was going on between inmates and their friends and family, but now with the kind of technology that Securus provides, the task has become a lot simpler. All of the communication that goes on is also recorded and kept so that it can be used if justice demands it. By doing this, the crime rate in the prisons has dropped significantly, and the communication to outside crimes has also dropped. This system has been proven to be extremely efficient, and more and more prisons are opting to go down this route of inmate monitoring.


Because they are a communications provider, it is essential for Securus Technologies to stay at the top of their competition at all times. The company believes in constantly upgrading the technology that they use in their communications and monitoring services so that they can always be at their most efficient level while doing their monitoring. The company has been of an incredible service to society through this supervision and has contributed immensely to public service.



How Securus Technologies is Helping to Keep Communities Safe

Securus Technologies released a list of comments compiled from emails and letters that they had received in October last year. The comments were from prison and jail officials who had used their services and products to solve and prevent crimes. The names of the officials and the facilities were redacted to protect the identities and to uphold client privilege. Securus’ products were used to prevent inmate-on-inmate crimes and other crimes outside the prison facilities. Richard Smith is the chairman and CEO of Securus. He said that the company tried to release a new service and product each month to help make the incarceration environment safer.


Richard added that the company received thousands of pieces of correspondence on the impact that their products had on the safety of the society. He finished by stating that it was an honor for Securus to play such an important role in the protection of citizens. One of the comments went into detail about how prison officials had collaborated with Securus to solve a case. The officials were able to get information from the call monitoring service that they used to get a search warrant. This led to the arrest of a corrupt official who was charged with introducing contraband into the facility.


Another comment described how the call monitoring service was able to provide information about incidences that were happening in the facility. The officials were able to establish that there was alcohol abuse, drug selling, mobile phone access, and money being transferred. Securus’ products had also been used to prevent the introduction of contraband into the correctional facilities. The LBS Software had been used by law enforcement to obtain the location of a stash of illegal drugs and assets. The official said that this would have been impossible without the help of Securus.