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Richard Blair and the Three Pillar Approach to Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has committed the better part of his life to making sure that people can find their way to retirement by way of smart investments and retirement planning. Wealth Solutions is based out of Austin Texas and operates itself as a licensed Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA). Blair, who had always been absolutely enraptured by knowledge, decided to use his thirst of information in a way that could help people. Blair would follow the financial career path after graduating college by starting Wealth Solutions in 1994. Now Blair is opening up about the process he follows during the financial planning portion with his clients.


In order to help clients find their way to successful retirement planning, Blair likes to follow what he calls the “Three Pillar Approach” to financial planning. This financial planning method allows his clients to get a firm visual on what exactly they are going to be pursuing as they work hand in hand with Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair. This comprehensive approach helps client’s to focus on their financials as they are and what their financials need to be in order to hit that retirement target right on time for their own life plans.


Each financial planning session starts by targeting the first pillar in the bunch. Pillar 1, as Blair short-hands the concept, focuses on understanding where exactly his client is standing financially t the present point in time. This pillar develops the strengths of the client while matching those strengths up with realistic goals, financial opportunities, and the most potent risks that they may stumble across. Learn more:


After pillar 1 has been circled the team at Wealth Solutions moves on to Pillar 2. The second pillar in the bunch focuses on developing a long term plan. Blair approaches the assets of his client and moves them around in order to maximize the potential of each and every portfolio that his client will present. The third and final pillar focuses on insurance, long term care, and other such needs way down the line. The third pillar is no more or less important than the first two in the list. Learn more:


George Soros Gives A Voice To The Voiceless

George Soros is a renowned name in the political circles. He is extensively acclaimed for his boldness and his unwavering determination to live in a corruption free world. The media and his followers know him as the man who detests everything immoral. He is a man who will do anything to ensure the oppressed in the society triumph. For those who do not know him, Soros is a billionaire who uses most of his billions to provide a sanctuary for the voiceless. To date, Soros has donated more than eleven billion to save the side-lined around the world.

Who is George Soros? Soros was born in the Nazi-occupied Hungary in 1930. Privations and the anguish caused by the Nazi’s rule forced him to escape to England where he attended London School of Economics. He struggled in his early days and even worked as a railway porter and as a waiter before his breakthrough. With fortitude, Soros founded Soros Fund Management in 1969. The company became so indomitable and was reported to be one of the most profitable firms in the hedge fund industry in 2010. Soros is still the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and has dutifully used his extensive expertise to propel his company to new echelons.

Observing how the world turned a blind eye to the ever-growing evils, George Soros established the Open Society Foundation in 1979 with the aim of addressing these evils relentlessly. The organization is mainly devoted to issues such as human rights, corruption, poverty, partisanship and poor governance. Besides, the effective foundation also focuses on education and has offered scholarships to thousands of students in the world, and it is on the lookout for promising opportunities that can be utilized to improve the lives of the needy students. Read more on

The Open Society Foundation has offices in almost every country in the world and continues to grow. The foundation has become statuary for the unheard voices and has been in the forefront to keep governments in check. Thanks to visionary people like George Soros, there is hope that the world will be saved from self-destruction. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Don’t Forget to Advise on Social Security!

In a 2014 interview by Wall Street Journal, David Giertz explains the importance of financial advisors advising clients about social security. In the interview on Instagram, Giertz stresses that social security is an important source of income for retirees (accounting for up to 40% of their income). He notes that if social security is taken too early then clients could lose up to $300,000 dollars over 25 years. He further notes that in a survey by the Nationwide Financial Retirement institute that the majority of financial advisors are not talking to clients about social security. He attributes this to the fact that there are many rules surrounding social security. He says that it is important for financial advisers to become comfortable with all of these rules on Giertz stresses, however, that it is very important to talk to clients about social security because four out of five clients surveyed said they would switch advisors if their advisor did not speak to them about social security.

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In an article written by Giertz himself (written for, Giertz states that 87% of retirees claimed social security too early. He says that although many financial advisors are not advising their clients about social security benefits that many are in the process of learning more about social security. Giertz says that this is due to clients increasingly demanding that their financial advisors be knowledgeable on the subject.

David Giertz graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Millikin University in 1986. He received his MBA in Business Administration and Management from the University of Miami in 2003. Giertz has been president of Nationwide Financial Distributors for over 4 years. Giertz has a total of 31 years of experience in business.

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