The Selfless Unique Investment Advisor

Having graduated from Federal University of Parana with a degree in economics, Igor Cornelsen acquired a job opportunity at a bank dealing in investment. He had studied engineering before switching to economics therefore; he had mastered the skills of calculations without the use of calculators. Here, his excellence earned him an opportunity to work as a banker in charge of investment at Multibanco, where he later became the chief executive officer and a board member. On acquisition of the bank by another, he secured a place at Unibanco where he worked for several years before moving to a bank which was a merchant of London known as Libra Bank PLC. This shift created for him an opportunity of further investments due to dollar salaries he received. In this merchant bank, he was able to gather further experience interacting with other investors from London with whom he joined the Standard Chartered Bank before going on to found his own investment bank, with same services he did in the previous banks.

Igor Cornelsen’s expertise has enabled him to acquire many clients in his business because he is able to identify changes to be expected before affecting the investments. The use of Reuters is what has helped him in advising because they always report the correct information without biasness, hence allowing his clients to make informed decisions. In addition, he appreciates the fact that most of his ideas have been backed up by others and those that went contrary to it found problems or trouble, a good example was the European recession which most people thought that it will affect the value of Euro, but according to him, he believed that it was capable of attaining back its value in the market. Moreover, the advice against the Brazils economic model, which saved escape losses.

In conclusion, Igor Cornelsen as a role model encourages young entrepreneurs to depend on information to understand trends in investments and movement of assets, contrary to waiting on analysts decisions because they can be biased and therefore, do not give full market information.He is the selfless unique investment advisor.