Shiraz Boghani Was Born To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Shiraz Boghani has a responsibility to the Splendid Hospitality Group as the Chairman. He provides the strategies for business growth and guides the business through his visions. This has made this chain of hotels one of the United Kingdoms quickest growing private businesses. Shiraz Boghani is all about determination and hard work.

Twenty trading hotels are operated by the Splendid Hospitality Group in numerous different locations. This includes The Holiday Inn in Wembley, The Hilton London Bankside and the Grand Hotel and Spa in York. The Hilton alone is worth approximately 121 million pounds. Shiraz Boghani has spent over thirty years in the hotel industry and has perfected his expertise. He currently owns nineteen hotels within the United Kingdom. Everything began in 1969 when Mr. Boghani left Kenya and arrived in the United Kingdom. His training earned him his certificate as a Chartered Accountant. He eventually accepted an offer from Thomson McLintock & Co, now known as KMPG.

Mr. Boghani has skills as an entrepreneur and a passion for the hospitality sector. This led to the hotel sector praising him highly as well as the Hotelier of the Year award in 2016. He was one of the first to develop hotels in London specifically branded for limited services. This occured in the 1990’s and led to him developing in excess of 25 similar projects. He serves Sojourn Hotels as the Chairman. This company specializes in the acquisition, development and operation of a very wide selection of United Kingdom Hotels. He is the company’s founding partner.

Shiraz Boghani has also built a reputation as a renowned and successful philanthropist. He has made an incredibly strong commitment to his community. He has participated in numerous voluntary services and charitable organizations. The Ismaili community has honored him with positions of senior rank. He acts as the Chairperson for the board of the National Conciliation and Arbitration and serves the Aga Khan University as the Convener of Resource Development.

Shiraz Boghani was born to be a successful entrepreneur. In 1985 he saw the business opportunities available in the world of healthcare. This is the reason he founded Sussex Health Care. The company now provides over 500 beds in eighteen highly innovative care homes. Sussex Health Care has been providing services for thirty years and is an award winning facility. This is due to their personalized professional services. Since the company was founded they have provided services for more than 30,000 people.

Dr. Mark McKenna Brightens Faces for Atlanta

According to and an interview with by Susan Adams, Dr. Mark McKenna began his career in New Orleans, Louisiana after he graduated from Tulane School of Medicine in 1999. During his time in the University he would do physicals for prisoners and work for $50 an hour. Dr. Mark McKenna would then invest all of his money he made during this time to real estate and also worked with his father in the his doctor’s office for about 5 years. However, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina put all this laid to rest when New Orleans was destroyed in many areas of homes and businesses. Millions of dollars was gone just in the blink of an eye for this young doctor. For 2 years Dr. Mark McKenna would work to help rebuild New Orleans. In 2007 he moved his practice to Atlanta, Georgia and started Shape Med. This was not any problem at all since he has made a name for himself and trusted by his patients and continued on his journey.

Most recently, Dr. Mark McKenna has opened the doors to a new service to the Buckhead area. March 1, 2018, he is now the owner and operator of OVME, pronounced “of me.” This place has 4 private treatment rooms and a private office for Doctor and Patient confidentiality. OVME provides the updated medical aesthetic with the most upgraded technology to provide the goal of people to have a new outlook on themselves with confidence. The services include the following: a variety of facial and skin upgrades performed with injections of neurotoxins for youthful skin, dermal fillers for lips to look fuller, micro-needling, testosterone replacement therapy, and working with male hair loss issues. They will also work with weight issues by reviewing the patients DNA test results. OVME has the number one setting for luxury and privacy for its patients. They also have a collection of products for skin care that the public can buy as well even without making an appointment. The entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna has definitely brightened the faces of the people of Atlanta, Georgia.


Medical Stores on Life Support: How Drew Madden Can Help

At the top of the entrepreneurial food chain lies not just the people we’ve heard of but also the ones who work quietly from behind the scenes. Drew Madden is one such legend, a man whose excellence in the healthcare IT segment of the medical industry has helped failing companies find their footing while successful ones have been propelled even higher. It’s important to take note of Madden because of his upcoming relevance in the battle between Amazon and CVS, the next target of its onslaught in the retail environment.

What’s happening is this: Amazon gained ground on licenses in a handful of states that allow the company to sell and distribute equipment for medical purposes. These items can be sold to clients or businesses alike. Now, that might sound like good news for CVS, but there’s an unseen part of the equation: what comes next. Amazon is now leveraging these licenses to open the way for the ability to sell prescription medications, which will require a separate licensing process with an uncertain resolution for the time being. It’s difficult to imagine drones delivering sensitive pills that might not arrive at their destination for one reason or another, but the fact is, Amazon has always found a way and will do no differently here.

Smaller companies that are focused on the medical industry in particular are threatened by this after the recent acquisition of Whole Foods and even more recent bankruptcy of Toys “R” Us, which was brought on in part by Amazon. CVS is now discussing the acquisition of healthcare compare Aetna in an effort to provide an all-in-one medical service that Amazon can’t provide at the moment, and in the process, they might work with the likes of Drew Madden to help lay out their back-end support for the servers and networking that’s required to piece it all together.

In so doing, healthcare IT will soon find itself much more relevant in the world as other companies like Rite Aid and Walgreen’s will follow suit. For now, Amazon has proven the world over that without leveraging web-based services, the odds of success move southbound, and CVS isn’t about to let that happen.