Enjoy Nature’s Bounty With Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water has it all – it’s sustainably sourced, carbon neutral and simply delicious. Harvested from the bounty of the Mauna Loa volcano base and fed by nature, Waiakea Water is as pure as it gets. The natural snowmelt and rain come together in the untouched ecosystem of the forests around Mauna Loa volcano, creating a clean, fresh water source. Waiakea Water bottles a small percentage of the 393 gallons per day that nature produces – just one percent is bottled and sold to people around the world.

The relationship that Hawaiians have with nature is a big part of who Waiakea Water is as a company. They are stewards of the Earth, protecting and restoring its environment, and in turn being grateful for the bounties received. Waiakea Water puts this philosophy into practice by using sustainable business practices. The energy sourced for production is 25% geothermal and 8% renewable. Waikea Water is also proud to be a certified carbon neutral company. After an in-depth review of their business practices, the company was deemed to have net zero emissions in 2012.

Waiakea Water goes one step further by bottling their water in 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) bottles. The benefits of using RPET bottles are immense – by using recycled plastic, the company is using less production energy, less water, and lowering their carbon emissions. Keeping the environment intact is important, that’s why Waiakea Water participates in reforesting the Mauna Loa area to reduce their company’s impact on the area.

It’s no wonder that Waiakea Water was called the best out of ten bottled waters for 2017 on the site 10bestwaters.com. With its alkaline PH level and fresh taste, the water contains natural minerals and electrolytes that your body craves. Waiakea brings the best in hydration, health and well-being.

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Osteo Relief Institute Offer Many Therapies for Osteoarthritis

There are many different types of arthritis, knee injuries, and bone loss. It is the leading cause of disability in the nation. One of the most common types of arthritis is osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. The soft tissue and cartilage between the joints degenerates. This causes individuals to have pain in different part of the body. Over time joints lose strength and pain often becomes chronic.

Risk factors for this disease are excessive weight, family history of the disease, age and previous injury. Since it is a disease that is really not curable. It is important to manage the symptoms of the illness by seeking treatment.


Some suggestions are gentle exercise and stretching before bed. You will feel less stiff in the morning. Adjust your position frequently when working or when sitting at a computer get up and move around every hour. Avoid repetitive movements overusing a a joint or limb can cause pain. Manage your weight and don’t smoke.


Exercise every day is important not to lose mobility. It helps with joints pain. Low impact exercise like walking, cycling, and water exercises help manage the pain. Check with your doctor about other exercises that can help you manage your condition.


The Osteo Relief Institute helps patients with this illness. They provide techniques to help you avoid surgery. They have board certified physicians and physical therapists. Their state of the art technology helps you focus on healing the pain.


The institute offers several methods to bring relief for pain. They have advanced bio-mechanical bracing techniques, low does motion X-ray, joint lubrication injections, spine and knee strengthening, and menu of nonsurgical options. Their treatments are covered by most insurances and Medicare.


For knees they have several treatments and surgery is one of the options. For each patient they design a customized program to help them get relief with arthritis osteoarthritis.

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Brown Agency Keeps Things Fresh

The Brown Agency is an agency that has been able to help various individuals to connect with some of the biggest brands in the world. Companies that work with talent such as Toyota, L’oreal, and Louis Vuitton have been blessed with amazing talent that was acquired through this innovative talent agency. The Brown Agency has the goal of establishing an untouchable standard when it comes to talent acquisition and modeling. This agency was able to surpass all expectations when it came to talent in the central Dallas area. In just seven short years, The Brown Agency has been able to establish themselves as industry leaders in their field.

Brown Agency is an agency that is full service, so they are able to help talented individuals to cover extensive ground when it comes to their professional endeavours. They are able to help their clients to get a perfect portfolio put together because they realize that a great portfolio speaks for itself. Both models and actors want to have an agency that knows how to get them great gigs, since that is the case, Brown Agency is the agency of choice for those individuals who are serious about their professional modeling and acting career. The models who work with Brown agency are seen on Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and a large number of other fashion shows.

According to Market Wired, Brown Agency is an agency that thrives on diversity in talent. They search for unique looks and exceptional beauty. Brown Agency seeks to provide their clients with a variety of ages, colors, and sizes. They want their clients to be happy, and they guarantee that their models and actors are the best. Brown Agency is an agency that recognizes the importance of searching out only the best talent. Talented individuals are everywhere, but it takes real experience to find the most talented individuals in the field. Since that is the case, Brown Agency makes it their goal to work with the most experienced and professional talent seekers in the area. Brown Agency takes pride in working with only top talent because they realize that they are only as good as their talent.

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