How Securus Technologies is Helping to Keep Communities Safe

Securus Technologies released a list of comments compiled from emails and letters that they had received in October last year. The comments were from prison and jail officials who had used their services and products to solve and prevent crimes. The names of the officials and the facilities were redacted to protect the identities and to uphold client privilege. Securus’ products were used to prevent inmate-on-inmate crimes and other crimes outside the prison facilities. Richard Smith is the chairman and CEO of Securus. He said that the company tried to release a new service and product each month to help make the incarceration environment safer.


Richard added that the company received thousands of pieces of correspondence on the impact that their products had on the safety of the society. He finished by stating that it was an honor for Securus to play such an important role in the protection of citizens. One of the comments went into detail about how prison officials had collaborated with Securus to solve a case. The officials were able to get information from the call monitoring service that they used to get a search warrant. This led to the arrest of a corrupt official who was charged with introducing contraband into the facility.


Another comment described how the call monitoring service was able to provide information about incidences that were happening in the facility. The officials were able to establish that there was alcohol abuse, drug selling, mobile phone access, and money being transferred. Securus’ products had also been used to prevent the introduction of contraband into the correctional facilities. The LBS Software had been used by law enforcement to obtain the location of a stash of illegal drugs and assets. The official said that this would have been impossible without the help of Securus.

Don’t Forget to Advise on Social Security!

In a 2014 interview by Wall Street Journal, David Giertz explains the importance of financial advisors advising clients about social security. In the interview on Instagram, Giertz stresses that social security is an important source of income for retirees (accounting for up to 40% of their income). He notes that if social security is taken too early then clients could lose up to $300,000 dollars over 25 years. He further notes that in a survey by the Nationwide Financial Retirement institute that the majority of financial advisors are not talking to clients about social security. He attributes this to the fact that there are many rules surrounding social security. He says that it is important for financial advisers to become comfortable with all of these rules on Giertz stresses, however, that it is very important to talk to clients about social security because four out of five clients surveyed said they would switch advisors if their advisor did not speak to them about social security.

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In an article written by Giertz himself (written for, Giertz states that 87% of retirees claimed social security too early. He says that although many financial advisors are not advising their clients about social security benefits that many are in the process of learning more about social security. Giertz says that this is due to clients increasingly demanding that their financial advisors be knowledgeable on the subject.

David Giertz graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Millikin University in 1986. He received his MBA in Business Administration and Management from the University of Miami in 2003. Giertz has been president of Nationwide Financial Distributors for over 4 years. Giertz has a total of 31 years of experience in business.

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