Guilherme Paulus: Providing Travelers with Luxurious Packages

A travel agency sells its services and products to those who are interested in exploring different parts of the world. Besides, an agency can also offer bookings for different airlines while selling tour packages, ground transportation as well as cruises and hotels for clients. Accommodations can also be provided. As Guilherme Paulus has illustrated, the first thing an individual who wants to open a tour and travel agency should think of is deciding the type of services and products they want to offer. If you have a significant amount of capital, consider joining a member’s association to gain insight regarding how to obtain air tickets for clients. At the same time, you can partner with an entrepreneur who can offer the same services just like how Paulus partnered with Vicente Cerchiari, the man who financed the foundation of CVC Brasil.

Paulus is known for co-founding CVC Brasil. The business has been transforming with the aim of expanding its presence across Latin America and other parts of the world. Moreover, with the leadership skills of Guilherme Paulus, it has expanded its operations across more than 80 malls in the country. Most importantly, it’s known as the leading tour agency in the country since it offers a broad range of tour and travel packages to travelers. The success of the company is solely attributed to Guilherme Paulus.

In 1949, Guilherme Paulus came into this world. He then joined college for business administration before working at IBM as a computer analyst and joining the tourism sector later on. For fifty years, he has been serving in the tour and travel industry where he oversaw sales initially. When he met Vicente Cerchiari to establish CVC Brasil, he didn’t know that it would be one of the envied companies in the country. Currently CVC serves more than 1,000 clients annually. It offers different affordable packages families of varying income levels regardless of the challenges imposed by the state of the country.

In 2017, Guilherme Paulus was awarded the Entrepreneur of The Year Award. The accolade was based on his immense support in providing unmatched packages in the tour and travel industry.

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The JHSF Progress

JHSF Participacoes was founded in 1972 by two brothers. For many years its concentration was constructed. In the 1990s the brothers parted ways, dividing the company into two companies: One still concentrated on construction, one concentrated on real estate. The one still concentrated on real estate, a Brazilian high-end real estate developer, specializing in residential, shopping centers, hotels, and airports became one of the most revered real estate developers in the world. Today it has continual projects throughout Brazil; in Punta del Este, Uruguay; and New York, United States.

Until the 90s, it was at that time that they began entering the shopping century, luxury hotel, and airport sectors. In 2007 its shares began to be traded on the Sao Paulo Bowespa stock exchange. Presently, its four business units are Shopping Center, Incorporation, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants and Airport. Jose Auriemo Neto played an instrumental way in helping JHSF move into all of these sectors. In fact, he was the primary individual to get JHSF started in luxury real estate. It was difficult for him to convince the company leadership that this was the right move, but he did so and it ended up being one of the most profitable decisions the company had ever made.

Their first luxury mall was a complex known as Parque Cidade Jardim, which at its beginning contained 180 stores, nine residential towers, four office buildings, and a hotel. He has since continued to add more stores and facilities. But Parque Cidade Jardim was only the beginning. He has since added many other luxury malls. Its entrance into the luxury retail sector has done more than help JHSF; it has substantially aided the national economy. In 2003, Jose Auriemo Neto became the new CEO, assuming the role after his father, Fabio Auriemo, retired. He would go on to lead JHSF to acquire both the Fasano hotel and restaurant chains.

Healthcare Investor And Philanthropist, Jacob Gottlieb

Although Jacob Gottlieb has been investing and working hard since he was just a teenager, he is still going to focus on a new enterprise just two years after his last one closed down. Jacob Gottlieb is the founder of the former vision Asset Management, which has now been closed down. Currently, Jacob has taken up a new idea for a company and he has named it Altium Capital. Although insider trading allegations brought his former company to a close, Jacob is not letting that dissuade him from his new company, though he is being more careful about his management. SO far, Altium is a small firm with just a handful of people working to manage funds.

Altium is marking their launch with some first-hand investments into the healthcare industry. Following these initial investments, Jacob plans to build an extensive portfolio to grow his business at an accelerated rate. First on the list of healthcare companies is Oramed Pharmaceuticals, which is a Jerusalem based biotech company. The second addition to Altium’s portfolio is Sella Life Sciences, which is another pharmaceutical organization that is research new treatments for cancer patients. The last two projects that Jacob is bringing to Altium is Amarin and Oragenics, both of which are dedicated to more therapeutic approaches to their treatments in the biotech industry.

While Jacob is currently waiting the course for his former company to be liquidated, he is making his plans for Altium and staying an active philanthropist for his community. Many organizations can thank Jacob for his time and money to go towards there cause to make the state of New York and beyond a better place. Some of the organizations Jacob currently works with include Robin Hood, Covenant House, Math for America, and the Windward School. Jacob has even donated to help improve animal shelters throughout New York City.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar and His Distinctive Ability to Transfigure Patients

In Dallas, Texas, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is well-known for offering the best aesthetic services in the field of plastic surgery. After acquiring his medical education and finalizing his residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, Dr. Jejurikar became certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to practice his medical skill and has done so for a period of 11-20 years. Dr. Jejurikar received his medical license to practice in Michigan, New York, and Texas. However, as of today, only his medical licenses in the states of Michigan and Texas are currently active. Yet, of the two, he primarily practices out of the state of Texas.

Nonetheless, utilizing his Texas state medical license, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar set up his office (Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute) in the city of Dallas and acquired affiliations over time with several of the city’s hospitals including the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, Pine Creek Medical Center, and Dallas Medical Center. Within his office, Dr. Jejurikar makes it a priority to utilize the most innovative techniques to ensue minimally invasive operations. Furthermore, he also provides a preview of surgical results via the use of a 3D imaging system and offers a line of medical-grade products that he created to assist patients in the maintenance of their skin. As a result of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar having continuously received positive ratings during his term of service, he earned the Most Compassionate Doctor certificate in 2012 and has been included within several medical publications including the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Publication, the Journal of Surgical Research, the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and the Microsurgery publication. Moreover, in addition to these major publications, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has also acquired the distinctive achievements of being a member to a multitude of plastic surgery societies including the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Guilherme Paulus And GJP Hotels And Resorts

Guilherme Paulus is one of Brazil’s most influential entrepreneurs. He is the owner and operator of GJP Hotels and Resorts. When he first began GJP there was not much of a market for hotels and resorts within the country of Brazil. He opened the doors to GJP in 1995. He started with only one hotel.

Since then, his hotel and resort business has grown exponentially. He has more than 95 thousand people walk through the doors of his hotels. His hotel and resort staff is up to 20 thousand people. One thing as an entrepreneur that he does over an over every day is he is grateful. He starts each day with gratitude.

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Another thing he does every day is to write down his weekly schedule and organize his week. This is one thing he would recommend everyone do. This helps Guilherme Paulus stay productive. As you might have guessed Paulus did not start out as a hotel and resort entrepreneur. His first business was that of a travel agency.

Paulus’ travel agency is named CVC. The name and idea for the travel agency did not come from him. Paulus was the one who put in all the work to get the business started. The investment for the business did not come from Guilherme Paulus, rather it came from his then partner. He met this business partner on a ferry ride. The man started a chat with young Guilherme Paulus, who at the time was an intern for IBM, about the desire to start a travel agency in Sao Paulo.

Paulus listened with intent. He decided the man’s offer was worth noting. When he decided to put the legwork into the business, it was one of the best decisions he had made in his life at the time. Paulus says that one mistake he has made as an entrepreneur is that he wanted to expand the travel agency to France. However, none of the French people knew it was a travel agency, the sign simply said CVC. The packages were expensive. Another mistake he made was hiring Brazilians to handle the operation and not the French.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade – CAOA Chery

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the recipient of the 52nd annual Car of The Year Award and this is considered as one of the most prestigious and most distinguished awards in the national automative sector. The event and awarding ceremony recently concluded on the night of November 26 of this year – and this was a well deserved award and tribute to Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is currently the Chairman of CAOA – the largest group of production and sales of cars, vehicles and automotives of the country. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is also the recipient of the title and the winner of the category in Executive of the Year of 2019. These awards by the governing body is recognized and featured in the renowned and well known specialized magazince, AutoEsporte handled by Editora Globo.

In the light of the awarding of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade as the Executive of the Year 2019 has again manifested his excellence in the company and as the end of the year comes to a close — CAOA and Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade announced their technological cooperation agreement with Chery, and they corroborated together to create of CAOA Chery, the new 100% national assembly plant.

In its opening year, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade along with CAOA Chery had an impressive and excellent record of sales growth and they have already jumped 5 tiers in their position in the market share ranking by brands in their region in Brazil – and this was only expected under the leadership of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade which sparked new advancements with the new launch of products of CAOA Chery.

CAOA Chery in its opening year presented Tiggo 2, and their products reflected a successful track record and they already reflected a great success in sales and marketing. Their models were equipped with several hybrids and electric models and they have presented Tiggo 8. Their barnd also featured Tiggo5x SUV, which will be available on the market by the second half of December and Tiggo 7 is scheduled to be launched by January of next year. There is nothing but more successes for CAOA Chery under the leadership of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade.


You Are More Productive When You Have the Motivation To Get the Job Done


UpWork is a company in California that helps to connect businesses and their executives to one another. Connections help to bridge the gap between being alone and mutual company.

“No man can remain an island unto his own.”


UpWork sat down recently to talk about an assortment of topics, including the connection between man and the everyday tasks he must endure.

“There is a connection between a person’s soul and the task at hand. The task is more likely to get completed when there is a mutual awareness.”

-An Executive at UpWork

1) Yoy are more likely to get your to-do list finished when you have the motivation. Each time your soul connects to the task at hand, there is an overwhelming sense of importance in what you are doing. You need to be present at the moment and disregard everything else. It is similar to the idea of prioritization. Do you like doing dishes? You are going to enjoy the task more when you are doing something you want. Some people like doing dishes. Some people like washing the car. Pick what you enjoy and make it a priority.

2) Not every job that you had on your list a year ago is going to be necessary now. Things change. Sometimes a reevaluation of priorities is a good thing. A to-do list generally includes things necesaary at the moment. It might be time to reinvent the list.

3) Your to-do list is more than just an itemized itinerary of mundane tasks. This a list that holds value to you and your family. You list sets you apart from everyone else. Take pride in that list and it will take pride in you. That soul connection is your chance to breathe light into the ordinary and mundane.

“Each time the soul connects to something positive there is a shred of light that shines through.”


Isabel dos Santos: Independent, Wealthy, and Charitable

Being the oldest daughter of the former Angolan president Jose dos Santos, has afforded Isabel dos Santos many opportunities that other females in her home country are not normally offered. It is widely known, that while her father was president that he passed along stocks and high stakes in many different companies including banks and telecom companies. Along these shares being passed and transferred to her, Isabel dos Santos continued to build her wealth by adding on shares of Portugese companies. All of her investment interests, has led her to be known as an independent business woman and a private investor.


Along with being known as one of the wealthiest women in the world, Isabel dos Santos is also known for her charitable contributions. Santos feels very strongly that in order to improve society that those who can give back, should give back. Giving back to the less fortunate in society around her is a motto that her company is built upon. The company currently or has in the past supported a children’s pediatric hospital; financed and ran a campaign to fight and prevent Malaria; and helped fund a Christmas telethon that combines her company’s efforts with the works of other corporations, to better support community needs. The primary initiatives that Isabel dos Santos

chooses to help support, are those that are built around helping meet the needs of children, improving healthcare, and giving more individuals access to an education.


It is surprising to some, to find out that Isabel dos Santos is so incredibly wealthy and self-sufficient being that she is a black female, but she credits her father for her strong will and independence. It is widely known by her peers, that her parents were very insistent that she focus on obtaining a strong educational background and luckily the husband of Isabel dos Santos has continued to support her personal success. With support from childhood until now, it is no surprise that Isabel dos Santos continues to dominate as a wealthy female and that wealth allows her to give back to her community.


Wax by Malcolm CasSelle: Changing the Game

Virtual gamer gear has evolved into a huge market very quickly. The net worth of this relatively new market is already $50 billion. However, with such a big and rapidly expanding market, a high amount vulnerability has already started to show its head. Malcolm CasSelle is attempting to take this problem head on with WAX, a decentralized exchange platform. WAX works as a single network and would be a one stop shop for all things digital asset related. With its blockchain security and Delegated Proof-of-Stake algorithm, The WAX system is much safer than other systems and is virtually untouchable for cyber thieves.

Malcolm CasSelle is an experienced and successful digital entrepreneur. He is the the Presidentof the Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX, as well as the chief information officer of OPskins. On top of these credentials he boasts a bachelor’s degree in computer science from MIT and a master’s degree in the same field from Stanford University.

Using his education CasSelle co-founded as well as served as the CTO of NetNoir, a media production website focusing on Afrocentric culture, in 1995. NetNoir would grow to be a success and be accepted into the AOL Greenhouse Program, the first outside company to do so. He then took his success to Hong Kong serving as the CEO of Pacific Century CyberWorks from 1998-2002 and as the director of Capital Union Investments from 2006-2013. Between the years of 2012 and 2016 we founded, co-founded, or served as CEO of multiple companies before settling in as the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins. However, he did not stop there. In 2017, CasSelle decided to use his talents to bring us WAX in order to take advantage of the growing digital currency trend and to bring us a safer and more trustworthy way to buy and sell items digitally.

Adam Milstein: Setting the Example for Cultural Advocacy

Adam Milstein is indeed the type of individual who does not deviate from a particular plan of action once he sets his mind on a goal to achieve it. As an accomplished businessman, he understands the value of time and the deprivation of opportunities for success that people bring upon themselves when they fail to either fully commit to a task or rely upon others to do it for them. Nevertheless, stemming from the combination of his childhood parental teachings of love and respect for others with that of his personal experiences of societal hardships while growing up in Haifa, Israel, Adam Milstein developed an intense desire to honor and preserve his culture by pursuing options that would bestow him the financial and leadership privileges to do so.

After partaking in combat in the Yom Kippur War of 1973 following his vow to serve as a troop in the Israeli Defense Forces at 19, Adam Milstein pursued an education in Business Management from the Israel Institute of Technology. With his degree in hand, he then committed to first furthering and secondly utilizing his education upon his move to the United States in 1981. Moreover, after achieving his MBA from USC in 1983, Adam Milstein then knew that he possessed the knowledge that would allow him to execute his willpower to better the living circumstances for the Jewish community. Therefore, he began to invest within a business career that he felt most passionate about—real estate. Beginning at base level as a sales agent, Adam Milstein demonstrated his professional ability to inspire and lead others, thus, inevitably placing him in the authoritative position to oversee financial matters for Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner for the real-estate firm. Nonetheless, with his leadership skills in hand as a businessman, Milstein began to network with Pro-Israel organizations that sought to build upon their mission to preserve the Jewish culture through educating the community and providing opportunities for occupational advancement.

Through his active membership with the organizations Hasbara Fellowships and Israel on Campus Coalition, Milstein strives to inspire pro-Israel activism and end anti-Semitism on college campuses in the U.S. Furthermore, in uniting with StandWithUs, Milstein endeavors in publicly correcting all the misinformation involving the Middle East for the sake of creating an understanding for the true nature of injustices in the region. Yet, in addition to proactively serving in these nonprofit groups, Adam Milstein took it upon himself to co-find several other as well. Milstein co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America (SP-BA) to service as a literacy program by providing monthly literature pieces to Jewish families. He co-founded the Israeli-American Council upon the intent to provide Israeli-Americans with a way to culturally connect to their homeland and even co-founded his very own Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to promote the mission of active philanthropy amongst community leaders.